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With so many options available to serve your GPS needs, it only makes sense to go directly to the option leads the industry, Tom Tom. As with other technologies, when shopping for a GPS system, you want something that will not be out of date by the time you get it home from the store, and you want to enjoy it for the duration of its years in use. Why bother with inefficient, outdated information that can lead you down the wrong path when you can have up-to-the-minute information in a customized format?

It is no surprise that Tom Tom is the leader in GPS systems. Tom Tom has considered the driving experience as a whole, and it has implemented practical and amusing detail to get you to your destination both quickly and in a good mood.

First Take A Look At The Practicality.

Two factors consistently frustrate GPS users: traffic information and out of date maps. Other devices tell you when traffic is bad with a red line, and offer no information about the best way to get your kids to the birthday party, soccer practice, or recital on time. Concerning map data, a city council approves a spillway, and I then next thing I know I’m late for a meeting. Tom Tom settles these issues.

Not only is traffic data updated every two minutes, but traffic on alternate routes is included as well. Tom Tom is clear as to if the expressway or the access road is the way to reroute. The information provided is the most thorough available. This fact comes from the combination of three sources keeping you informed:

• real time data is gathered from passenger cars and delivery trucks
• third parties are utilized for incident reports
• historical data IQ is employed that factors in day, date, and time of day.

Concerning map currency, Lifetime Maps is their system that regularly tracks road changes. It is perpetually updated every three months, far more often than any city council can approve a work project.

In addition to these factors, Tom Tom covers over a million miles more than its competitors.

It has the most accurate reporting, most road coverage, and the most frequent updates.

You’ll Have Fun With Tom Tom Too.

Browsing voices is an early pastime you’ll encounter with Tom Tom. Among the dozens available are: Bert and Ernie, Mr. T, Snoop Dogg, Yosemite Sam, Burt Reynolds, John Cleese, Kim Catrall, and Dennis Hopper.

Each of the several models offers a unique package of options so that you can find the bundle that best meets your needs, one that will provide just the right fit, without bogging you down with services you won’t utilize. See below for a sampling of models and features, and further down for a list of accessories.

• Top Gear edition: voice of Jeremy Clarkson, a year of LIVE Service (browse Yelp. TripAdvisor, Expedia, Twitter, get weather and updated fuel prices, Speed Camera warnings)

• GO 2535 TM WTE: magnetic click and lock mount

• GO 2535: Intuitive Voice Recognition, slim design, classic finish

• XL 350: Advanced Lane guidance, customize your experience with licensed art and professional designs

• XXL 540 WTE: 5” screen, 9 Million points of interest

• VIA 1435 : New design, contemporary finish, map share (download maps from other users along with regular updates of road changes)

Accessories include:

• Leather Carrying Case
• Protective Films
• Dashboard Mount (for customizability)
• Air Vent mount (for portability)
• Adhesive Disks
• High Speed Multi charger
• Smartphone capability

Tom Tom is entertaining efficiency.